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De volta a casa.

De volta á casiña cunha música baixo o brazo da que me alimentou neste nadal: Lizz Wright

Coming home to your shelter
Coming home where I stay
I go down in your water
and I won't turn away
Coming back to your calling
I can hear your voice say
Coming home for tomorrow
from my dreams of yesterday

You may not understand me
but I hear you so well
Your voice comes in the cold wind ,
a tune I know so well
I can see you through any darkness
Your light it leads me on
I'm coming back to your orchard
Coming back to my home

People ask me where are you going,
and I know I know what they think
I get tired , tired of their questions
so I must find a way
To meet you down at the old grounds ,
where we used to pray
I'm coming home for tomorrow
from my dreams of yesterday
(Thanks to Fred for these lyrics)[ Coming Home Lyrics on ]

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